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The Services of Become a Canadian

Become a Canadian helps individuals and families who want to immigrate to Canada through evaluations and assistance that is both personalized and professional. Our goal is to help the thousands of people who desire to move to Canada to find a better life with new opportunities. The immigration process can be complicated and burdensome due to the many requirements. The services that we offer help to make the process simpler to understand and more efficient to complete, which can avoid unnecessary mistakes and delays.

Authorized Canadian Immigration Representatives

To complete the necessary screening of our clients, Become a Canadian works with Great North Immigration Inc. and their authorized immigration consultants. We rely on their expertise and experience to help individuals apply for Canadian visas for permanent residence. We are not an agent or consultant of Great North Immigrations Inc., but rather in a sub-contractual agreement that falls in line with our Terms of Use.

Become a Canadian Makes the Process Simple!

Become a Canadian has one main goal in mind: to make the Canadian immigration process as easy as possible. An online application is available in which you will provide basic information so the immigration consultants we work with can determine your eligibility and find the best program for your immigration to Canada. 


If it is determined that you are likely to be eligible to continue with the process, the authorized immigration experts we collaborate with can work with you to help you complete all the forms correctly and answer your questions. Due to the importance of the forms, having help from the experienced immigration consultants can help you to avoid mistakes that could delay the process. We also make the process simple for our clients by providing you with convenient payment options.

Why Work with Become a Canadian?

We Are Here to Help!

We know that the immigration process is not easy. Therefore, our goal is to offer you beneficial services to help you determine eligibility and give you the opportunity to move forward with professional guidance from the immigration consultants we work with. Thousands of foreign nationals have received the services offered by Become a Canadian and we look forward providing you with assistance as well.


Please note that we are not associated with the Canadian government and are not a law firm, but rather we are a private company that works with authorized immigration consultants to offer services to help with the complex Canadian immigration process. While we are aware that immigration does not require a service such as ours, many individuals enjoy the convenience and knowledge of receiving immigration services that are performed by experienced professionals.