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Forty-Five Thousand Refugees Will Immigrate to Canada in 2021

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Canada’s light shines brightly, according to Immigration Minister Mendicino, and refugees help fuel that light through giving back to the country and their communities. Even during the pandemic, these newcomers didn’t stop. This year, Mendicino announced a plan to expedite applications and allow a larger number of refugees to relocate to Canada. The increase went from 23,500 to 45,000 and will process applications at a faster rate. 

Over 40,000 recent refugees and their families are living in Canada and are waiting for permanent residency. The first part of this year saw almost 18,000 refugees become permanent residents. Although immigration to Canada can be challenging, it is possible. Contact BecomeACanadian (Become A Canadian) today and begin the process with help from their team.

In addition to pushing applications through quickly and allowing a larger number of refugees into Canada, the immigration minister announced two other initiatives. The Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot has been extended for two additional years. This project will allow 500 more applicants and it flips the stereotype from being solely victims. There will also be more support for Canada’s private refugee sponsorship program. 

The government will invest up to $3 million over the next two years to support nine different organizations. The BecomeACanadian team is dedicated to helping people just like you achieve your dream of living in this welcoming country. There are many opportunities available for you and your family. Your best options will be found to receive a permanent resident visa to Canada and your questions will be answered along the way.