New Brunswick Is a Welcoming Place for International Students

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The capital of New Brunswick, Fredericton, has been a beloved location for immigrant students in recent years. These students have been helpful in bringing innovative ideas to the place. In August this year, the city held its first Capital Region Newcomer Summit. Former and current international students mostly attended the event, says Become A Canadian. […]

Watch – Addressing the Aging Population: The Growing Need for Increased Canadian Immigration

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The escalating concern surrounding Canada’s ageing workforce has prompted stakeholders to seek solutions. BecomeACanadian highlights the potential remedy lies in an increase in immigration to the country. Desjardins’ recent report underscores the pressing need for sustained population growth among working-age Canadians, crucial for maintaining a balanced workforce, especially as a significant portion approaches retirement. Addressing […]

Quebec’s Immigration Goal Is 50,000 Permanent Residents Annually

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Become A Canadian says Quebec’s population growth has received the biggest population boom in 50 years. In 2022 alone, the province increased by 149,900 residents to reach a population of 8.8 million.  The population growth changed as a result of varying factors, including: The birth countries of new arrivals in 2022 include France, China, Algeria, […]

Alberta Immigration Minister to Seek More Health Workers

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Alberta is ready to welcome new immigrants into the province. According to Become A Canadian, the immigration minister is saddled with the responsibility of attracting more health workers into the rural areas of Alberta. The minister is also tasked with developing anti-racism legislation to help foreign workers settle comfortably in rural areas. In the words […]

Free Job Training Available to New Immigrants in Ontario

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The province of Ontario is keeping the Canadian dream alive as it announced $2.6 milliontoward free job training for new Canadians. According to Become A Canadian, the province is ready to train new immigrants from Afghanistan and Ukraine. The Ontario government will spend the earmarked money to support four free training projects in the province. […]

Thousands of Foreign Technology Worker Are Needed in Canada


According to Become A Canadian, Canada has always been known for the promising future it provides immigrants. It is a land full of opportunities for both immigrants and non-immigrants. Interestingly, some new windows of opportunities for foreign technology workers to come to Canada were announced towards the end of the tenure of Sean Fraser as […]

Canada Is Dedicated to Defending Iranians Already Residing There

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Canada has declared that it will not watch idly as the Iranian regime continues its human rights violations. The Canadian Government has continued to support the people of Iran. The primary support has been in the provision of easier ways for Iranians who desire to prolong their stay in Canada. The Government is also allowing […]

Become A Canadian – The Best Jobs in Canada for Foreign Students

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International students with valid study permits in Canada can now work a limitless number of hours during school semesters. This recent development started on November 15, 2022, and continues till the end of 2023. Recently, a list of the best jobs in Canada for international students was compiled. These jobs were picked based on certain […]

Become A Canadian – Canada Needs More Immigrants to Make Up For Its Labor Shortage

Become A Canadian - Canada Needs More Immigrants

In a bid for the country to offset labour shortages, Canada currently needs increased immigration. The critical labour shortage results from an aging population and a low birth rate in Canada. As a result of the situation, immigration has been on the rise in Canada. As of 2021, immigrants represent 23% of Canada’s total population. […]