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Montrealers Show Canadian Kindness Toward Ukrainian Families

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Many Montreal residents of Canada have been of great help to Ukrainians since the raging war started in Ukraine. Many Montrealers have gone the extra mile to ensure that the refugees from Ukraine find solace in Canada by opening their homes and ensuring they are comfortable.

The Montrealers have been welcoming and hospitable to Ukrainians. Become a Canadian reported that there’s been so much solidarity from Montrealers who desired to welcome Ukrainian migrants into their homes. For example, in May 2022, about 400 Ukrainians arrived by the charter plane to Montreal.

For some Ukrainians, Montreal was home for them as they had families in Montreal and neighboring areas. Thus, their arrival in Montreal was a great opportunity for them to reunite with their loved ones.

Ukrainians Settling in Montreal

Without a doubt, Montrealers have been a huge blessing to Ukrainians by cheerfully welcoming them into their city and homes. Apart from the willingness of the residents of the city to welcome Ukrainian refugees, various agencies in Montreal have been working to see that Ukrainians settled in Montreal with ease.

According to Become a Canadian, agencies like the city of Montreal, the Union des Municipalités du Québec, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the Quebec Immigration Ministry have been partnering to support the settlement of Ukrainian migrants in Montreal.

The city agency involved in ensuring the proper integration of newcomers in Montreal has been working tirelessly to ensure Ukrainians are directed to suitable dwellings. The agency achieved this by asking prospective hosts to provide detailed information about their homes.

Fulfillment in Montrealers’ Hearts as They Accommodate Ukrainians

Montrealers count it all joy to welcome Ukrainians into their homes. They view this act as an opportunity to do good.

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