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New Brunswick Is a Welcoming Place for International Students

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The capital of New Brunswick, Fredericton, has been a beloved location for immigrant students in recent years. These students have been helpful in bringing innovative ideas to the place.

In August this year, the city held its first Capital Region Newcomer Summit. Former and current international students mostly attended the event, says Become A Canadian.

The immigrant students highlight that they offer economic, cultural, and intellectual contributions to the community. These contributions, in turn:

  • enhance the growth of the city;
  • improve diversity; and 
  • enrich the Fredericton community.

Usually, the start of the school year opens a new chapter in the lives of immigrant students. At this time, they are often in search of a career and a new home.

The economic development agency Ignite held a summit for past and present immigrant students. One of the attendees, Andrea Escober, said she chose Fredericton to study at St. Thomas University because she was keen on being in a vibrant community. 

Become A Canadian highlights that education in Canada was eye-opening for Escober. She added that Canada offers a great chance to enhance one’s education.

As a coordinator at Ignite, Escober stated that Fredericton’s immigrant students show great commitment to working on projects that build the community.

She went further to praise the immigrant students for their efforts in creating the pathway for encouraging immigrants and integration.

Silvie Binsai was another attendee of the Ignite summit, reports Become A Canadian. Binsai says immigrant students bring exceptional creative ideas to the Fredericton community. 

The Kenyan immigrant adds that the students are able to bring positive value to the community due to their capacity to overcome challenges.