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Thousands of Foreign Technology Worker Are Needed in Canada


According to Become A Canadian, Canada has always been known for the promising future it provides immigrants. It is a land full of opportunities for both immigrants and non-immigrants.

Interestingly, some new windows of opportunities for foreign technology workers to come to Canada were announced towards the end of the tenure of Sean Fraser as the Canada immigration minister.

Become A Canadian reports that the federal government of Canada is launching a “digital nomad strategy” among several immigration opportunities to woo international talent to Canada.

The digital nomad strategy will allow workers with a foreign employer to come to Canada, stay and work in Canada for up to six months. 

More so, if such workers get a job offer in Canada within six months, they can remain much longer in the country.

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Why are thousands of foreign technology workers needed in Canada?

Many sectors in Canada are experiencing shortages of skilled workers. 

In the words of Jim Balsillie, the former Research in Motion CEO and chairman of the Council of Canadian Innovators:

“Canadian companies are starved for talent, and the truth is that the country is not currently training and graduating enough talent. With this new initiative by the federal government, we can boost filling the serious skills shortage currently facing our labour force.” 

Become A Canadian concludes that the digital nomad strategy is a brilliant program that will build linkages with talented people across the globe. 

It will bring talent who are interested in investing their time and skills in Canadian companies.