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Nobel Prize for Economics Awarded to Canadian Professor

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David Card, a Canadian-born University of California at Berkeley professor, thought a call at 2 am from Sweden was a prank. Instead, it was news of him being awarded the Nobel Prize with his late research partner, Alan Krueger. 

The economics professor at the University of California, Berkeley is from Guelph, Ontario. His award stems from research he and his partner did on the effects of increased minimum wage at fast-food restaurants in New Jersey. The duo also did research on the labor market in Miami, Florida, after an increase in Cuban immigration in the 80s. They found it didn’t have any negative effects for Miami residents or those born in the United States.

Both of their studies were controversial and changed the outlook economists had on the minimum wage and immigration. Card said the situation in Canada is very different. Canada has thousands of immigrants and a diverse group who have been very successful. 

The Canadian minimum wage is also less controversial and is set by the provinces. Card received a gold medal and over $1.14 million as part of his Nobel Prize. He also has an honorary parking spot at UC Berkeley. Card’s next research will be related to Canadian immigrants who have started businesses in their new country. 

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