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Become A Canadian – The Best Jobs in Canada for Foreign Students

Become A Canadian - Foreign Students

International students with valid study permits in Canada can now work a limitless number of hours during school semesters. This recent development started on November 15, 2022, and continues till the end of 2023.

Recently, a list of the best jobs in Canada for international students was compiled. These jobs were picked based on certain factors, including flexible work hours, immersion in a field, fair pay, etc.

Teaching Assistant (TA) is one of the best jobs, said Become A Canadian. This part-time job offers an average pay of $23 CAD/hour. Since TA positions are reserved for students, it is one of the simplest roles for them to acquire. Also, these jobs are advantageous because they give students teaching experience while engaging in their field of study.

Another benefit of TA jobs is the convenience they offer. Students save commuting time and travel costs because these jobs occur on university campuses.

Other Jobs Perfect for International Students in Canada

Some other profitable positions foreign students in Canada can take on are tutor and freelancing jobs.

Tutoring, just like Teaching Assistant, helps students to earn money while taking their studies. This position boasts an average pay of $30 CAD/hour, said Become A Canadian. It allows students to engage in a field of study without worrying about administrative work.

Working as a freelancer opens a wide variety of job opportunities to the student. It offers excellent flexibility and freedom in terms of work hours and work rates. With an average pay of $23 CAD/hour, this job is a perfect avenue for students to earn money while studying.

International Students as Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada

There are various benefits that international students get as temporary foreign workers in Canada. One of these benefits is that they have the same workers’ rights as Canadian citizens and permanent residents.