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Canada Is Dedicated to Defending Iranians Already Residing There

Become A Canadian - Canada Is Defending Iranians

Canada has declared that it will not watch idly as the Iranian regime continues its human rights violations. The Canadian Government has continued to support the people of Iran. The primary support has been in the provision of easier ways for Iranians who desire to prolong their stay in Canada. The Government is also allowing them to continue studying and working in safety, said Become A Canadian.

Canada will continue to work closely with the Iranian-Canadian community, which is working tirelessly to uncover the repressive actions of the Iranian regime, according to Sean Fraser, the Honourable Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

More Actions by the Canadian Government

The Canadian Government is waiving specific processing fees for Iranians wanting to extend their stay in Canada. With this, they are making life easier for Iranians living in Canada.

Citizens and permanent residents of Canada in Iran are also beneficiaries of the Government’s effort. This set of people who wish to leave Iran receive a waiver for their passport and permanent resident travel document fees.

Canada is also exploring changes to some other programs to support Iranians. One of the programs is the Human Rights Defenders stream. All these actions by the Canadian Government show the country’s great support for immigrants, said Become A Canadian.

Incredible Commitment to Supporting the Iranian Canadian Community

At this time of great uncertainty for the Iranian people, the Canadian Government is committed to supporting Iranians. Efforts by Canada are helping to ease the people’s hardship. With these measures, Iranians can stay longer in Canada, where there is safety for living and working.